Carlos moves to the Bay from El Paso in 1996. Apache moves to the Bay in 2000. In 2006 Apache gets a record deal with Birdman records without a band or songs. Enter Carlos and Apache (the band) is born, sort of. After the first guitarist leaves Mark, not from El Paso (but an honorary El Pasoan) is in. Apache (the band) has a drummer in Chris and record their first album "Boomtown Gems" in 2007 (released in 2008). Chris leaves and the band has a million drummers in his wake. Carlos and Apache convince Mike, an old El Paso friend, to move out to SF. Touring the world and their sophomore album "Radical Sabbatical" (recorded sporadically in 2008-09 but released in 2010) ensues.

This is the cliff notes biography. Wait for VH1 Behind the Music for the full story. It'll make you blow your wad, it's that good.

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