Cave Clove


Cave Clove is a indie rock quartet. A wash of soul and tight orchestration create the Cave Clove mood - a rock sound with smoky vocals, lurid harmonies and atmospheric rhythms. With overtones of pop and R&B, Cave Clove takes niche genres and integrates them into the band’s signature sultry tension, with big sound closing in around torch melodies.

The girls behind the atmospheric, big band sound of psych indie-pop quartet Cave Clove are singer-songwriter Katie Clover and drummer Melissa Kilkuskie. The duo met and released a 6-song EP in 2013 entitled Bases of Pyramids, which quickly diffused Oakland nightclubs with an aura of romance, mystery and nostalgia that defines the band’s sound.

The grounded whimsy of the Greg Ashley produced and recorded Bases of Pyramids grew out of Katie’s first full length album released in 2011, Cabin Habits, an Americana work budding with Katie’s resonant, sultry vocals and straightforward lyricism. Bases of Pyramids evolved that bohemian folk pop sound into a smokier affair that feels like a modern take on the speakeasy jazz club soul of the ‘20s. The union of Katie’s folk roots with an Americana-meets-jazz interpretation fleshes out with the help of guitarist Ryan Parks of B Hamilton and bassist Dave Glasebrook of Deep Ellum. The result is a wash of soul, doo-wop and tight orchestration that creates a mood as enchanting as the lobby of the Hotel California.

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