Pink Awful


Mike has played in bands since 1993 - right about the time that Sonic Youth, Fugazi Pixies etc were playing on the college radio station. After years in Las Vegas he moved up to Reno to seek out a new direction with new blood. Brendan has been drumming with bands since the age of fifteen. He enjoys horror movies, cats, good food, and other cool shit. Musical influences span all genres but he has always been heavily influenced by punk, hardcore, and metal; as well as older stuff like the Beatles, Zeppelin, and Bowie. One of Brendan's favorite things about Pink Awful is the way all of the members' influences converge into something really neat and original.Although new to the Reno music scene and Pink Awful, Dwight has been playing bass since 2009. Hailing from Grass Valley, California, his playing is shaped by his background in a diverse range of genres, from jazz to metal. In his spare time, he enjoys petting dogs, discussing politics, and awkward eye contact.Brennan has been playing guitar and singing across Nevada and California since 2002. He prefers post punk, acid jazz, and Gregorian chant. Every year he auditions for a spot in the Goodie Mob but has as yet been unsuccessful.Originally from Incline Village, Ashley has been in bands and projects in Reno since 2007. Taking little from her childhood choir background , she is influenced by rock alternative female singers and folk/indie music. Ashley enjoys housing abandoned chihuahuas and black thumb gardening.

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