Pink Awful


Pink Awful is music. It is just that. It swirls through, under and around your legs. And you will feel it. Born out of a shared desire to create art and share the joy in music, Pink Awful began in 2015 with Ashley writing lyrics and making sense of Mike’s homemade demos. The heady blend of rock guitars, dissonance and sophisticated yet catchy melodies had already taken shape as new members joined. Dozens of shows and a few new songs came next. The growing pains of lineup changes brought Dwight, John and Daniel into the fold on bass, drums and guitar, respectively. New blood brings new inspiration and the band is prepping for studio time at the end of 2017. This, coupled with a Forte Awards nod and an invitation to fill a coveted spot at Reno’s Off Beat Festival means a busy winter for Pink Awful, but also means that they will be hard to avoid in the coming months- culminating in a record release and a full on west coast tour!

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