Trans Van Santos


I was dust bit and tired. Broke, badly bent and cross wired, in need of a lift and heart shift. I met a Shaman named Shu, with hair to the back of his knees and a crystal earth theory. He said to me, “I saw it all in a dream. You are here to do your thing. Your Spirit is strong. The medicine will open the door in your heart, where you will find the songs to sing.” He took me to his home and we sat in ceremony. When everything stopped hurting, I wiped the sleep and tears from my eyes and saw that I was on top of a mountain and that I was laid down in the Light. I walked off that mountain Transfigured, Transformed, Trans-mutated and Transported. I walked off that mountain a new being: TRANS VAN SANTOS.

A Caterpillar is transformed inside of a Cocoon into a Butterfly, a mariposa, the full of the Spirit. I was once the Caterpillar, stuck to the earth and moving slow. Now I have wings and soar with the stars. I fell off the mountain to get a better view of the way to the top, I saw a pyramid of pure illumination, I was lifted. My eyes see wider now, I have lost the stop from my throat. With a new birth comes a new name, the Caterpillar has left the building, it is time to shed old skin.

Mark Matos is Trans Van Santos.

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