Vague Choir


It started when Mark started playing solo shows in 2003 as he sought his own place in the neon-rock world of Reno, Nevada. Playing mostly as "Mister Vague" with a rotating cast of cohorts, Earnest recorded songs and played shows throughout the West Coast.

This led to a debut Mister Vague release in 2004 from Seattle label Unsmashable Records and three CDs in four years from Slothtrop Records of Madison, Wisconsin. Mister Vague albums were played on 100-plus radio stations in the U.S. and Canada and earned sales on iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster. Mister Vague (with local singer/songwriter Kung Fu Sophie) also contributed a cover of Neil Young’s “Bandit” to the critically acclaimed “More Barn” charity CD for the Bridge School that Slothtrop released in 2007.

That same year that Mister Vague -- which by this time included Marcus Mayhall and Jason Thomas -- released its third album, “Allergic To Everything." It was recorded and co-produced by Alan Sparkhawk of the indie-pop band Low (Sub Pop). A couple of years later, Mark and Jason also were named as two of the "top 101" residents in Reno who built the music scene, as chosen by peers and published in Reno News and Review magazine.

Mister Vague went dormant in 2009 while everyone pursued other things. In 2012, the last, trio version of the band -- Mark, Marcus, Jason -- reformed as Vague Choir. The plan is to release old Vague recordings as a sampler in 2012, followed by all new material in 2013.

The intense, near-punk velocity of Vague Choir shows have earned the band a loyal audience in such rock-centric towns as San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle and Portland. Montana looms!

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