Faint Shape

Reno NV

A powerful sound, a distillation of influence and emotion. The songs of the band Faint Shape are formed of three equal parts; powerful and dexterous rhythms, sweetly expressed melodies and creative structures.

Taking aspects of indie rock, shoegaze and dream pop and combining it into a whole, the band is a powerful and compelling statement, whilst remaining stripped-back with minimal instrumentation and vocals.

Formed in mid-2021, the Reno, NV trio initially began as a quartet; an expansion of the songcraft and lyricism of frontperson J Vineyard in a full band format. After meeting and collaborating with drummer Daniel England, bassist Clint Philbin and lead guitarist Ben Yust, J’s songs were fleshed out and fully realized.

In the late summer of 2021, a self-titled, six-song demo was recorded in Daniel’s garage prior to Ben’s imminent move to the Bay Area and released in early 2022, after which the band chose to continue as a three-piece act. Since then, they have released two singles (Down/Headache, I Want to Be Your Bed/All My Friends Are Depressed) and an EP, False Spring and, as of 2024, are on the cusp of releasing a full-length album.

The songs on the debut, self-titled LP were crafted from demos to finished pieces between mid-2021 and mid-2023, within several different houses, venues and garages. Everything you hear is a culmination of the songwriting of the three individuals in Faint Shape and stands as a marker of just over two years of writing, performance and evolution of the compositions.

The songs are written from a queer perspective and draw from the life and experiences of J Vineyard. The lyrics cover vulnerability, relationships, living as a non-binary person, growing up, getting older and sometimes simply just getting by.

The band has performed on stage alongside such artists as Emperor X, Man on Man, The Umbrellas (SF) and Wednesday.

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