Los Angeles CA

The Los Angeles group GospelbeacH’s sound harks back to several eras of California music, from folk-rock and sunshine pop to country-rock and the Paisley Underground. Fronted by Brent Rademaker of Beachwood Sparks and filled out by like-minded friends, the band debuted with an album that respectfully lifted the spirit and sound of early-’70s Grateful Dead (2015’s Pacific Surf Line), then jumped ahead a few years to the jangling pop of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers on 2017’s Another Summer of Love. By 2019, they’d added lush, Laurel Canyon-inspired vibes to the mix on third LP Let It Burn and took a detour into bubblegum and glam on the 2021 EP Jam Jam. The band formed in 2014 around vocalist and guitarist Brent Rademaker, who in the ’90s and 2000s had made a name for himself in the bands Beachwood Sparks, Further, and the Tyde.

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