Graham Farrow

Nevada City CA

Graham Farrow came up in a small gold town in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, and his songs orbit the things around him and the lives of the people getting by in this beautiful and often challenging place. Knibb’s California is bewildering and stark, and often dazzling. Promises are precarious, hardships are expected and tremendous love is worth celebrating. For five years he honed his songwriting and showmanship with the assistance of the family-style band, Farrow and the Peach Leaves, which has toured the span of the West Coast, and has been fortunate enough to play in front of crowds at OffBeat Fest, Freakout Fest, and The California Worldfest, sharing bills along the way with the likes of Margo Cilker, Bart Budwig and Howlin’ Rain. These days Knibb is attempting a lighter approach with fewer moving parts. His solo departure marks a turn towards a richer, more introspective songwriting style (think: somewhere between John Prine and Charlie Parr ). Chin Music, an EP released in the fall of 2023, showcases a more laid back sound with deep grooves and tinges of swampy, country guitar.  Expect a new EP from Dream Cabin Sounds June 7th 2024.

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