Hannah Etch

Reno NV

Hannah Etch has been playing music in Northern Nevada since 2015. Her former projects include, Low La La & Birdwell Island. Her debut EP, Opposite Dominant Hand was released May 12, 2024. Opposite Dominant Hand is an introspective and wistful EP. Featuring three original songs written by Hannah Etch and ending with a Radiohead cover, the album combines gentle electric ukulele strumming, soft vocals, ethereal synth, floating electric guitar, steady bass lines, tasteful drum beats and a soulful trombone accompaniment into a dreamy astral ambience. Each song’s lyrics are crafted in a poetic style, featuring excerpts from Hannah’s late grandmother Joann Amadeo’s own work (J.J Jessica was her pseudonym). The EP joins all of Hannah’s greatest loves – her friends, her family, melancholic melodies, and the written word.

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