Himiko Cloud

Wenatchee WA

Himiko Cloud is an instrumental three-piece from Wenatchee, WA featuring Kyle Folden (guitar), Jacob Henson (drums), and Connor McKay (bass). Pushing the limits between Math Rock, Prog, Post-Rock and Metal the band has coined its genre as “Cloud-core.” Their debut album “Telomeres” was released in 2021 and fully solidified the band’s unique style. This was their first release as a three-piece since addition of Connor in 2017. Kyle and Jake originally formed Himiko Cloud as a two-piece and released the self titled EP in 2016. The band is named after what may be the most massive object in the early universe and in the known cosmos – discovered by a team of Japanese scientists in 2009, who named it after the 3rd century Japanese shaman queen Himiko.

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