Tacoma WA

An experimental music project that combines elements of Krautrock, jazz, indie rock, art rock, electronics, and the avant-garde, J.R.C.G. is named for the key artist behind the work, Justin R. Cruz Gallego. A keyboard player, composer, and visual artist, Gallego uses J.R.C.G. as a format to combine ideas and sounds from different sources, squaring his synthesizer patterns against drum tracks, horns, guitars, and found noises. While Gallego had previously worked in other formats, he introduced J.R.C.G. with the album Ajo Sunshine, which was released in November 2021. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Justin R. Cruz Gallego first released music with the indie rock group Marrow, appearing on a live CD-R EP they used to document live work in 2008. He gained a larger audience for his next project, Dreamdecay, a guitar-centric noise rock ensemble whose performances were rooted in an aggressive, dissonant attack and skeletal, purposefully difficult melodies. Dreamdecay debuted with the EP Fern in 2012, and after a pair of chaotic but compelling albums for Iron Lung Records.


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