Jakki and the Pink Smudge

Portland OR

Jakki and the Pink Smudge, lovingly referred to as “Smudge,” is an indie-rock firecracker making waves in the local Portland, OR music scene. The band’s multifacetedness has cultivated a strong presence in the Portland, Los Angeles, and Houston music scenes, playing alongside artists such as Mavi, The Aquadolls, and Never Ending Fall.

The band gets its charming name from the inevitable smudging of Jakki’s lipstick while performing. With every smear, Jakki and The Pink Smudge continues to evoke their own distinctive, moving, and peachy sound.

Smudge has always been known for its ever-evolving backup band for live performances. These ensembles have been comprised of musicians hand-picked from various bands within the local music scene of each show’s location. The practice of adapting their set with each unique combination of artists has allowed their music to evolve constantly, fostering a spirit of creativity and playfulness.

For the first time in Smudge history, we now have a permanent backing band containing Caleb Ballard (guitar), Oliver Lester (bass), and Charlie Oakes (drums). The band is profoundly grateful for the years of exploration and excited to embark on this next season of Smudge.

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