Kelly McFarling

San Francisco CA

Kelly McFarling is an Atlanta-born, Bay Area-based singer-songwriter. Her music captures a specific sonic palette of Georgia clay and California gold; rendering the ordinary and mundane into ultra-vivid imagery and emotion. Lush grooves and potent songwriting pair with long drives and fault lines. She has been writing and releasing music for a decade in the Bay Area. 

Her latest release, Bed of a River (2022), was recorded in Richmond, VA at Spacebomb studios, and finished at home in California. The album is a collaboration with Andrew Brennan in writing, arranging, playing, recording, and living. The record features the Spacebomb house band;  Cameron Ralston (bass) Alan Parker (guitars) Pinson Chancelle (drums) Daniel Clark (keys) with production by Matthew E White. Additional recording with Jeremy Harris at Panoramic Studios in Stinson Beach, CA with Nick Cobbett (drums) Tim Marcus (pedal steel) Danny Vitali (bass) Brittany Powers (vocals), and Jeremy Harris (Keys). 

Other releases include Distractible Child (2010), Ridgeline (2013) Water Dog (2017), Deep the Habit (2021) 

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