3 men were drawn together from 3 different cities. One (Weston Bowers) in a old trap house in Fallbrook surrounded by pure nothingness and wild life for miles. One could be found in a library reading science fiction novels (Adam Packard). And the last one in a tiny studio locked away from the rest of the world in Fullerton, CA (Rylan Fernandes). Weston was an electronics engineer and Adam was still going to school pursuing a career in teaching.
Rylan however, wasn’t doing much of anything in the tiny studio apartment he rented by himself in Korea town. Working a dead-end job living in a city knowing no one, he had a a guitar, a record player and a laptop.
For most of a year he never left that room except to buy beer, weed, or cigarettes. But in that year he was able to craft a sound that would soon turn into Nowhereland, songs like “Anxiety”, singing about not wanting to be social and conform to the social norm.
Meanwhile, Weston was drumming for a few local bands when he thought of the idea of creating a band that could cross different genres of rock. Weston had already met Adam jamming in another local band and knew he was the right man for the job. Weston had known Rylan from shows and parties they both attended a few years before and mentioned the idea of starting a band one day crossing paths in Oceanside.
Rylan being recently evicted from his apartment, now broke and living our of his Toyota, jumped on the idea having a whole list of songs to bring to the band. Siphoning gas all the way from Fullerton to Fallbrook, the three finally played music in the same room and thus Nowhereland was born.
Now residing in Oceanside, Nowhereland is on the verge of releasing their first full length this fall, which will be their 3rd release. Nowhereland brings the the sound of a rock band with the live presence and raw power of a punk band. Violent Femmes’ inspired vocals and heavy Sabbath and Redd Kross fuzz-laced guitar riffs. Nowhereland is sure to make an impact on the SD music scene and Southern California scene at large.

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