Oh Lonesome Ana

Sacramento CA


Sorry for the delay in my response to your album preview, I’m traveling but it’s given proper road-tripping time to listen to your songs.

Your lyrics are always just so moving: “real” or “raw” or “cutting” come to my mind when I think of how to describe them. I don’t know if they’re autobiographical and always from a place of life reflection (that’s how my stuff comes out) or if you write creative, fictional narratives, but your songs are gut-wrenching. I said this before, but “I’ve Got Your Blood” and “Megadeth Tee” in particular are easily on repeat for me, both intentionally and in my head when I’m not even listening. I love dissecting the words and piecing the movie together in my mind. “I’m Glad You Got Out (But I Miss You),” and “To Feel So Small (Hello Me, It’s Me Again)” are other standouts for me. I like our mutual appreciation for parenthetical song titles, btw.

Needless to say, the entire recording is beautiful, energizing, and easy to keep on loop. You have this way of making heavy and dark songs still catchy and fun—and that’s something I think is really difficult to do well. The production, your own song swells, and the background vox are pro, as expected, but—again—it’s your song lyrics that kill me every time.

I love it. Thank you for thinking to share it with me.”

-Linda Sao (See Night)

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