Orchestra Gold

Oakland CA

Oakland, CA-based ensemble Orchestra Gold offers a fresh new sound deeply rooted in the Malian tradition while introducing a genre-bending nod to the future through their rare and artful fusion of African Psychedelic Rock. This original sound with a retro feel results from a decade-long collaboration and powerful intersection between Mariam Dialkite of Mali and multi-instrumentalist Erich Huffaker of Oakland, CA. The dynamic Mariam Diakite spearheads Orchestra Gold’s vibrant sound. Her raw, hypnotic vocals deliver heartfelt, thought-provoking lyrics in the highly symbolic Bambara language. While paying homage to Malian musical traditions, this fierce new sound thrives with heavy swinging rhythms, a funky fresh brass section, and cosmic guitar licks. This profoundly spiritual and dance-inducing ensemble continues its pursuit of spreading healing and community through the universal gift of music.

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