Roselit Bone

Portland OR

After over a decade of touring, Roselit Bone have perfected an infectious and intense live show that has transfixed crowds in a nightly conversion ritual. Previously hailed by Oregon Public Broadcasting as “a unique type of gothic country rock that borrows heavily from Mexican ranchera music, rockabilly and the same lonely and wide-open spaces that inspired the classic Spaghetti Western scores of composer Ennio Morricone,” the Portland 8-piece have deepened, shapeshifted and outdone themselves on their fourth full-length record, Ofrenda.

Lead singer Charlotte McCaslin’s picaresque, visceral songs encapsulate the cycles of loss, survival and rebirth of her years between albums – including the pandemic, a divorce, several family deaths, a new relationship, and her gender transition. On Ofrenda, Charlotte seethes and seduces as she stalks the ruins of civic and carnal relationships while guitars thunder, violins swell, trumpets blare, bells toll, organs die, saxophones bleat and half-synthesized choirs swirl out like a cold wind over the wasteland.

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