Taco Tapes

Portland OR

TACO TAPES is the intersection in the musical paths of Ben Walden & Jeremy James Meyer. To quote Walden, “In 2020, humans began to feel more acute symptoms from the Planetary Biome’s affliction. Jeremy James Meyer and I thought it would be only appropriate to invoke the spirit of Garcia And Grisman and create our version of the Pizza Tapes, ushering forth a new generation of plant-guided hippie medicine. Only problem is, I am gluten intolerant, so instead we made the Taco Tapes”. 2 LP’s (via American Standard Time Records) later, and a 3rd on the way, they have grown, and now perform as a 5-piece band. They have held onto their mostly folky roots, while broadening their lens to embrace different, more otherworldly modalities.

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