Th’ Losin Streaks

Sacramento CA

Th’ Losin Streaks story began in 2003 when a group of longtime friends got together after years of watching each other play in different Sacramento groups like The Trouble Makers and Daisy Spot. Obsessed with 1960’s garage bands, the four honed a sound that was both fresh and familiar, and their incendiary live performances generated immediate buzz.

Things happened quickly: their debut record, “Sounds of Violence,” was released in 2004, followed by tours of Europe and the US, and invitations to open for legendary acts like The Zombies. The band and the record collected kudos and built a wide-ranging fanbase that includes The Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra and E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt, who proclaimed the group’s “Your Love, Now” as “The Coolest Song in the World (this week)” in his Billboard column and sent the tune into heavy rotation on Sirius’ Underground Garage radio station.

But, by the end of the decade, their luck had turned. A mix of creative differences and drug problems led to stresses in the group and two attempts to record a follow-up LP failed. In 2010 they called it quits.

Despite all, the four remained friends, and following an invitation to open for Iggy Pop at Oakland’s Burger Boogaloo festival in 2017, they agreed to reunite. But, after seven years apart, did they still have IT? Critics said YES:

“If The Who would’ve seen the Th Losin’ Streaks play their last song, I swear they would’ve left in tears, mumbling to themselves that they ‘used to be that powerful and exciting.’ Really, the only performance I’ve ever seen come close to th’ Streaks closer Saturday was the Who playing ‘A Quick One’ on Rock And Roll Circus. Yes, it was THAT good.” – Kevin Jones, KQED.

Select shows followed, and inspired, the group returned to the studio in 2018 and cut the long-awaited follow up to their first LP with producer Chris Woodhouse (Ty Segall, Oh Sees.) This time, it clicked: the new album, “This Band Will Self-Destruct in TMinus,” was released in 2018, and has received rave reviews. A European tour that year took them from Istanbul to Spain’s Costa Brava, and their debut album was reissued due to resurgent demand.

Founding drummer Matt K. Shrugg retired from active duty after 2018 and was replaced by one of his biggest influences: longtime friend of the band, Brian Machado. With 2020 plans cancelled due to COVID, the Streaks took their down time to work on a new record. Their latest single should be released any day, and a third album is on the way.

After years of bad luck, th’ Losin Streaks are back, and better than ever!

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