The Brankas

The Brankas are an experimental punk duo from San Francisco, CA. The band was formed in 2014 by Theo Slavin (guitar & vocals) and Taylor McElroy (drums & synthesizer) and they have since fine-tuned an asymmetrical style focused around start/stop dynamics, odd time signatures, and off kilter pop.

Their latest full length, “My Parkour Body Is The Paint And The World Is My Canvas. I Don’t See Obstacles, I See Opportunities.” is “…beautifully unhinged and cohesively clashes with itself in precisely the ways The Brankas intended… each member of the San Francisco two piece’s stellar musicianship is as noticeable as the songwriting prowess that is evident in their previous releases.(Spencer Kilpatrick, Tahoe Onstage, 2017). The album sees the two friends finding meaning in chaos on an intentionally broken record. “All ten tracks are dedicated to sometimes electronic, sometimes just electric, and sometimes… borderline disturbing methods of experimentation. These two are here to surprise you…” (Allie Miller, The Deli SF, 2017).
“My Parkour Body…” is available on vinyl, cassette and download via or online through Spotify & other major streaming services.


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