Tropa Magica

Los Angeles CA

In a time where dream pop, auto-tune and soulful grooves reign the rock n roll music scene, the Pacheco brothers create a livewire style of music that shakes the sleepy music listeners into a snarling scream and bass driven tribal beat. Inspired by the cumbias and norteño songs they heard at family fiestas in East LA and the rock n roll sounds of the 60’s and 90’s they embrace the soundtracks from both sides of the U.S./Mexico border with open arms. Crafting their signature “Psychedelic Cumbia Punk” sound, Tropa Magica provides a heavy dose of madness and joy. A sound, not latino or smooth enough for the hardcore Chicanos nor trippy or droney enough for the old-school psych-rockers. This paradoxical approach, gregarious attitude, and live wire shows landed them slots on West Coast festival favorites, namely Coachella, Desert Daze, and Tropicalia. LA Weekly made it clear:

“If they aren’t the best live band in Los Angeles, they’re damn near the top.”

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