It would be easy to attribute this story to the majesty, mystery, and magic of the Coachella Valley.

You’ve got miles of desert ensconced by a towering mountain range. This setting invariably harnesses all kinds of energies, spirits, and lifeforces like some divinely made muse. Not to mention, the area boasts its signature festival of the same name within a stone’s throw…

The Coachella Valley is where YIP YOPS were born and still call home. However, there’s an indefinable and indescribable urge that spurned the quartet- lead singer and guitarist Ison Van Winkle, drummer Ross Murakami, bassist Jacob Gutierrez, and keyboardist/ vocalist Mari Brossfield- to send their own kind of aftershocks through alternative music. The band’s singular sound could’ve been signed to Factory Records in 1981, but feels at home on your favorite Spotify playlist. That’s why the group achieved the seemingly insurmountable within a few years of crystallizing its lineup (and graduating high school). They went from gracing the stage at Coachella, Chinatown Summer Nights, and Echo Park Rising to building an organic buzz online.

For as vital as their hometown may be, you should attribute this rapid rise to a shared and staunch mindset.

“It’s a philosophy for us,” affirms Ison. “We’ll never get comfortable. It’s about being uncomfortable and continuing to push. There’s a hole that needs to be filled.”

The 18-year-old frontman identified that hole in 2011. Turned on to Pink Floyd’s The Wall by his dad, he “consciously and subconsciously” developed boundless ambition when it came to music. Through mutual friends, he attended a jam session where Ross was bashing the kit. A year later, Ison began jamming with the drummer, which “sparked the possibilities of collaborating with other people, the energy of a band, and how you can work together to accomplish a goal of creating the best music possible.”

As Ross turned Ison on to New Order and The Smiths, they spent countless hours jamming together. Soon after, Jacob stepped in for an Industry Showcase. At 14-years-old, the musicians cut their teeth around the Coachella Valley as a three-piece for a year-and-a-half. Enter Mari. Welcoming the siren into the fold, the sound once again expanded, tempering male-female harmonies over swooning synths, robust accentuated guitars, and hyper-charged beats. Rising out from the area’s monolithic musical shadow, they prove the classic possibilities of musicians jamming in a suburban garage…

“It’s about pulling from your resources, being open-minded, being forward-thinking, and being willing to listen to anything,” he goes on. “We look at music like an open book and allow ourselves to be inspired. Nothing is off limits.”

2018 sees the four-piece release more music as they push the single “She” and hit the road supporting Lauren Ruth Ward on tour. That ambition is only growing for YIP YOPS.

“We’re not going to stop,” Ison leaves off. “We want to share our experiences in a relatable way and encourage audiences to look at things differently.”

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