The members of Jake Houston & The Royal Flush are not just terrific musicians, nor do they merely make up "Reno's Premier Honkytonk Band", together they are a glimpse of authenticity for a generation that has perhaps seen no such thing in country music.  Despite Houston's knack for catchy songwriting, lead guitarist Drea Ballard's show-stopping chops, and the rock solid foundation set by drummer Pudge Gervais and bassist Ivan Gates, the group's most striking quality is its sincerity.

Since forming in 2015, Jake Houston & The Royal Flush have become a mainstay in the northern Nevada music scene sharing bills with artists such as Whitey Morgan, The Easy Leaves, and Jenny Don’t and the Spurs . Their devout following in Reno and beyond is a testament to their dedication to the music that inspires them. And with influences like Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and Waylon Jennings it's clear that the well from which they drink is pure.

Their latest release, 2016's "Up Yonder" is currently available on iTunes, Spotify, and every other major streaming service. One listen will reveal the respect they have for the country music that came before them and the vehement hope they have for its future

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