Born as Ryan Childers and raised in the deleterious glitz and glam of Las Vegas, MrSmeagss has made his move through the house music scene through the mellifluous infusion of hard-edged hip/hop+rap with heavy bassline, funky house rips. As one of the leading progenitors of the G-house style in Reno, MrSmeagss brings an edgy and groovy hip/hop flavor to the underground house movement. Sticking largely to the underground style, any set that MrSmeagss delivers will be guaranteed to contain that mysterious, "what is this" underground vibe with an extra hip/hop spice. With a resume of support for musical leaders such as Mat Zo, Golf Clap, Amine Edge & Dance, Worthy, Christian Martin, Thee Cool Cats, Clyde P, Poupon, Go Freek, Ardalan, Sacha Robotti, Aaron Jackson, Bijou, Will Clarke, Shiba San, Justin Jay, Sam F, MrSmeagss has established himself as a strong entertainer that consistently delivers a performance that is sure to get those booty cheeks clappin' and leave you walking away wanting more.

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