With their debut EP, Mutual finds its sound at the intersection of warm and vibrant- drawing cues from the 90’s US slowcore/space rock scene. Recorded live to tape in their good friend Ilya’s basement,their four-song debut is sonically warm and instrumentally dense. Guitarist Victoria Almanzan’s lead lines create bittersweet counters to guitarist/vocalist Cameron Beck’s lush chord strums, while drummer Bijou Bell and bassist Brigdon Markward’s rumbling strolls keep the music buoyant and stimulating. Beck’s vocals give the music it’s melancholy nature in their somber tone and brooding delivery. “The lyrics/vocals in these tracks are meant to bolster the sections rather than take the focus away from the instruments,” Beck says.

The band started as a recording project for Beck’s mixing class, releasing a demo song on their Bandcamp last May. The instrumental track is languid and sentimental- composed after news of a friend’suntimely death.

With a self-recorded demo song and a new EP out for free stream/download, the Reno four-piece's DIY ethos are prevalent in their unique brand of warm lo-fi rock.

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