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Formed December 2007, after Petunia relocated to Vancouver, the group really got going in 2009 with touring which saw them reaching Los Angeles and recording the bedtracks for their album at The Sound Factory by the end of the year. Since then the band has played everywhere across western Canada, the the US Pacific Coast, twice through the United Kingdom, and in Texas for SXSW 2014. Petunia also plays solo across Canada and the US throughout the year.

The Petunia & The Vipers release is a sumptuous collection that's earned rave reviews. With rockabilly, country swing, sweet melodic ballads, and just the right amount of darkness and grit, it leaves you wanting to start back at the beginning as soon as you finish listening to it. Recorded at The Sound Factory in Hollywood, CA, Petunia & The Vipers was produced by Petunia & Phil Sgriccia, and mixed by Marc L'Esperance with additional recording at Heavyosonic in Vancouver. It was mastered by Bernie Grundman, who also mastered Tom Waits' latest recording, and it's available on vinyl, CD and for download from CDBaby and iTunes.

“Petunia and the mother****ing Vipers. One of the best bands in the world today, of any kind.” - Phil Alvin

“He is a total one off, with it being almost impossible to compare him to anyone else…” - American Roots UK“Petunia and the Vipers glide effortlessly between every Country niche with the greatest of ease…” - Alan Harrison, No

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