Prism Bitch is a hard rock band that beamed down in 2016 in the dust and wind of New Mexico. The group started as a four piece and asexually reproduced a fifth member in 2017, resulting in a 5 piece mix of heavy guitar/keyboard layers blended with pop hooks/melodies/harmonies and occasional total noise freakouts; often compared to The Pixies and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In 2 years, Prism Bitch has gone from punk rock coffeehouse open mics to nominations in the Weekly Alibi’s "Best of Burque” 2017/2018 music awards (for Best New Band, Best Party Band, and Best Stage Presence). In the last year Prism Bitch has had the privilege of sharing the stage with Shonen Knife, Le Butcherettes, and Built To Spill. PB spent the end of November in the studio in LA with Toshi Kasai, known for his work with The Melvins, Foo Fighters and Dave Matthews Band. Prism Bitch has a reputation for wild and performative shows, professionalism and friendship.

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