pry: (verb) to move, raise, or open by leverage

Prying into inner desire and control for Watson Meyer came with a clenched fist and gritting teeth. Using repetition as a tool, Pry’s sound is founded upon lulling comfort that is then torn out with attacks of seething guitars and a tumultuous rhythm section, consisting of drummer Nick Meza and bassist Cameron Beck. Meyer's lyrics present themselves like journal entries of a man trapped alone on an island, shouting at the sky. “It’s all about tearing open the painful secrets we carry and the lies we tell ourselves,” Meyer says.

The sentiment of prying open those painful secrets is especially apparent on their upcoming full length album Attribution Reluctance. The debut boasts 11 songs, including a rerecorded version of “I Am Caesar”, a track that has become a fan favorite at hometown shows. The album was recorded at the Sound Saloon by Colin Christian (In Letter Form, Echodrone, Elephant Rifle), tracked over the course of a snowy March weekend. The first album's single, “Trust Yourself”, was written about “having complete faith in your gun instinct, but that faith being completely wrong,” Meyer states. The music video, shot by Reno artist/filmmaker Robbie Racine, is intended to portray a personal purgatory: when one’s emotional intuition can’t hold up anymore. The following single, “Shadow of an Uncle”, delves into family history around an abusive family member and the emotional triumphs that came from the survivors. Both topics hold a lot of weight and aren’t easy to talk about; and that’s exactly Meyer’s intention with Pry.

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