The Brankas are a duo. The duo consists of Taylor McElroy & Theo Slavin. Both of us live in San Francisco but we formed the band in Oakland in 2011. Around 2014 we decided to "get serious" and have since released one LP, two EPs and toured the Western United States three times.

We have played a show in a repurposed steel factory and someone smashed an upright piano with a sledgehammer. We also played a show in our friend Jack’s apartment and the drum set fell over and there was a piñata and Theo had to scream over everything because there was no microphone. On multiple occasions, people have tried to talk to Taylor while he is playing drums. It’s very friendly but also hard to respond to. Another time, we played in a tiny art gallery for 15 minutes, packed up everything in 5 minutes and were just hanging out when the cops showed up; nothing to see here. We’ve also played places that have real sound systems and stages, which is alright too. Playing “rock and roll” music is ultimately a good excuse to meet other people, go outside and maybe even make a friend. Anything else is just marketing talk.

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