THANK YOU for your interest in becoming an Off Beat volunteer! We appreciate your enthusiasm for helping to make this festival better every year. Our very talented group is responsible for everything from checking wristbands at venues, to selling merchandise, assisting venues with production needs or lending a hand in our artist hospitality lounge.

Why should I volunteer?

  • Because money is really tight, and you’re looking for way to earn a free 3-Day wristband to this year’s Off Beat? 
  • Because you’re not looking to commit to a full 8-hour shift, but still love the idea of getting a discounted wristband for the weekend? 
  • Because you love music, love people, love the community and really just want to be involved?

We understand that there are a bunch of different reasons that people want to volunteer and different levels of commitment that they are willing to make, so we tried to put together a program that has a little something for everyone. Bottom line, we ask that our volunteers work a minimum of (1) 4-hour shift during the festival with the majority of shifts occurring on Friday, October 7, and Saturday, October 8. We will also have a limited number of shifts on Thursday, October 6. Optimally we would love if you could commit to working (2) two 4-hour shifts, but ultimately that is up to you. As a way to thank you for your help, we offer different incentive levels for participation.

  • If you work one 4-Hour shift, we’ll give you a t-shirt and a complimentary 2-Day wristband (Good for access on Friday & Saturday.)
  • If you work two 4-Hour shifts, we’ll give you a t-shirt and a complimentary 3-Day wristband (Good for access on Thursday, Friday & Saturday)
  • If you work more than two 4-Hour shifts, we’ll give you a t-shirt and a complimentary VIP wristband that will give you access to our snack- and drink-stocked VIP/Artist Hospitality lounge while you aren’t on shift — plus you’ll be our favorite forever.

What are the Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities?


Venue Assistant – All Around Bad Ass

Working at our venues answering questions, helping manage access, checking wristbands, assisting cashier with wristbands as necessary, and working at the direction of the Venue Manager to make sure venue is operating smoothly.

Merchandise Sales – Customer Service and Fashion Sense

This one’s for all you festival fashionistas out there. Slinging merch requires people skills, desire to help fellow concert goers to look their most fly, and monetary skills with a cash box and cash app. If we’re speaking your language, you have two options: stationary slinging at the wonderful Cypress or take it on the move with our OffBeat Merch Sales Street Team. Street Team is just what it sounds like— hanging out on the street, moving between venues on Friday and Saturday night to boost our merch sales from the start of the fabulous weekend to come. Whichever you prefer, we can’t wait to look amazing with you.

Artist Relations – Hospitality, Attitude and Fun

Fancy yourself a fangirl or fanboy? This volunteer shift is for you. The artist lounge is only open to artists (surprise!), VIP ticket holders, and event staff who are looking for a quiet(ish) respite from the AMAZING things happening. Your job would range from food service to door checking, organizing space to errand running, and beyond. Essentially, you’d be answering to the amazing artist liaison, Jennie, completing whatever tasks she needs.  Evening shifts may require an Alcohol Awareness Card to serve beverages behind the bar.

Social Media Street Team – Rock and Roll Baby

Do you wish Instagram stories were included on the skills list for job applications?  If Tweeting were a recognized language, would you be multilingual? If so, this role is the right one for you!  In this volunteer position, you will notify the public of line lengths/crowd sizes, bar business/absolute slamming-est of music (honestly, the only reason we are all here)! In addition (social media is amazing, but also won’t take up all of your time), you will need to check in with the Venue Manager and be ready to help out however necessary. This could mean checking wristbands, restocking drinks for artists, running to nearby venues to distribute supplies, etc. Basically, you’d be one of our first-ever digital warriors, helping phone-havers get the most out of this awesome event IRL.

So you’re interested in volunteering, here is what you do next! Contact our Volunteer Manager Robin at and let us know a little bit about why you would like to volunteer and what roles you’re interested in. 

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